4 Excellent Tips For Maximizing Productivity By Minimizing Distractions

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Most of us think the ability to multitask is an exceptional quality. It is, but the downside is, not everyone can do it well. And not everybody can avoid distractions.

One of the biggest challenges of any multi-tasker is perhaps maximizing productivity by minimizing distractions. We oftentimes welcome distractions by considering them as so-called "short breaks", unaware that this contributes to decreased productivity.

As busy internet marketers or entrepreneurs, many things demand our time. As much as we want to do all things, we know we can't always squeeze everything into one day. Maximizing productivity means working efficiently so let us look at some of the ways that we can focus more, and do more:

1. The To-do Clutter: Don't put off what can be done today!

Don't get trapped in the notion that having many post-its or papers things tacked on the board in front of you is "inspirational". More often than not, our list of to-do's increased because we failed to focus and get things done. Here's a suggestion: Focus on a few important tasks for the day. Give yourself a limit of say, 3-5 essential tasks to complete for the day. Any distraction that is not related to any of those tasks should be set aside or ignored.

2. Music, or Noise?: It doesn't have to be super loud to be inspiring

Some people I know work well with some music on the background. It does help lighten the mood and ease the tension of beating deadlines. But sometimes, when we choose to listen to songs we are very familiar with (like the ones we can sing a long to), our mind constantly shifts and before we know it, we're just singing or daydreaming!

If you must absolutely work with music in the background, maximizing productivity would mean listening to ambient music so that the silence is not deafening.

3. Fatigue and Hunger: It's only practical to get enough sleep and eat on time

Tiredness, lack of sleep and empty tummies can impede our productivity. Obviously, maximizing productivity cannot be expected from a hungry, tired or stressed person. The solution? Get plenty of sleep, and don't skip meals! We'll do ourselves some good, while at the same time avoid stomach ulcers and dark circles under our eyes. Plus, you get to work faster because your mind is sharper.

4. Social media: Separate work from personal interaction

We love the social networks, but it has been found that its accessibility in workplaces is the leading cause of decreased productivity! Social networking, online videos, online magazines, shopping are few of the biggest causes of "multi-slacking" during work time. If you're handling a Facebook or Twitter account for the company, that's fine. But if you keep checking your home feed and replying instantly, a huge chunk of valuable work time is wasted. To solve this, check your personal accounts at home, or after work.

Minimizing or eliminating distractions is absolutely important in maximizing productivity. Concentrate on the few essential tasks at hand, and you'll realize that less is truly more!

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4 Excellent Tips For Maximizing Productivity By Minimizing Distractions

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This article was published on 2010/09/28