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Increasing Productivity is a culture. It's a way of doing and looking at what you do. Ask anyone who works for me or has every worked for me and they will all say the same thing, what drives or drove them crazy was me saying to them that they didn't care. That was my stock answer to them when they did something that was counter culture to getting the maximum done in the shortest period of time. For example, someone would spend 4 hours on the computer, entering some data and then finding out that someone in the office could have done the same job in half the time using a program they had. My retort would have been that they didn't care enough to find out the fastest, best way to do the job; they just blindly went ahead and did it without any thought to the end result and the time it would take.

If you accept increasing your productivity as a culture, a way of doing things and start to frame everything you did with that in mind, you are on the right track. When I start to do something, there is a slight hesitation, sometimes a long hesitation while my brain runs through my mental checklist of things to watch out for when it comes to getting value for my time that I'm about to invest. That hesitation and the resulting checklist is what separates the people who care about increasing production from those that do not. It's the difference between the ones who care and the ones who do not.

I get violent disagreement from people when this issue of caring and not caring about productivity issues comes up. Our differences surface when I point out that there is a difference between professing to care and then actively doing something about it. The title of this section is, Productivity starts at the Top, if that is the case, what have you done, yourself, to make this happen?

Here are some hands-on activities that you can do to start to make increasing your productivity a culture in your business, at your job, in your day to day life.

Hands On

Talk the talk, walk the walk. In 35 plus years of business experience, without exception, the most successful businesses that I have seen, run, been involved with or consulted to, the ones that come the closest to getting maximum production are the ones where it's crystal clear that the owners, the bosses are 100% dedicated to getting the most out of every minute and every ounce of effort. (I know this is run on sentence but I got on a roll). I could write whole books worth on just this one topic, it's that important. I will come back again and again to this concept but will spend some time here on going through a few important points.

  • You are a presence in the process. It does not matter whether there are 3 people in the process, or 300, if you represent the top of the organization, your presence is felt. Another way to say this; your thumbprint is visible in the process. Going back to my franchise experience, over the years I dealt with hundreds of franchisees. The most successful franchises were the ones where the personality, the caring, the personal presence of the owners was felt throughout their franchise. It goes without saying that the owners would have to been actively pursuing ways to improve their business for their presence to have been a positive factor.
  • Reinforce the systems, policies, procedures that you have put in place to make increasing production a way of operating in your business. You do this by being part of the process, by working with and guiding your people as they proceed with there daily routines. Be part of the planning process, visit them, encourage them as things proceed to their conclusion and provide feedback at the completion. Throughout this entire process, by your presence, involvement and hands-on approach you are saying this is how we do things here.

What do I do if I run a one-person band? That's simple, do the exact same thing but do it while you are going through the process. It's no different, you have to train yourself, and you were not born with these skills, they have to be absorbed, processed, learned and then become part of your personal culture.

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Productivity Starts at the Top

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This article was published on 2010/03/29