Three Ways to Release More Productivity

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Do you want to experience more productivity in your professional life? Is it time to kick your business into a higher gear? There are three things you can do to experience heightened levels of productivity. If you master them, you'll be well-positioned to achieve peak performance.

Let's look at each of them individually.

First, you need to be ready, willing and able to take action--and then you need to take it. This proactive mindset is at the very heart of achieving more. Without it, you can have all of the knowledge and tools in the world and still end up stuck right where you are today. Knowledge isn't power. Knowledge is potential. Power only comes when knowledge is married to action. Action. Are you really ready to do what it takes? If you're not sure, you're not yet ready to break through your existing barriers.

Second, you need the right people around you. As the old saying goes, no man (or woman) is an island. You need the right team to really make things happen. There are only twenty four hours in any given day and you can only do so much personally. You need to surround yourself by the kind of people who can handle the responsibilities that you can't tend to personally. Building the right team is a critical aspect of achieving more productivity.

Third, you need to start thinking systematically. You need to develop structured, organized methods of handling common business tasks. This will allow your previously-mentioned team to handle their jobs more effectively. It will allow you to rest easier, knowing that things will be done the right way. A systems focus also gives you the opportunity to find new and more efficient ways of handling various aspects of your business. If you really want to experience more productivity, you'll need to develop and refine the systems that govern the operation of your business.

These three characteristics can unlock amazing levels of productivity. If you build the right systems, assemble the right teams and commit yourself to taking necessary action, there really isn't any limit to what you can accomplish. If you're in hot pursuit of peak performance, start by developing heightened skills in all three of these areas.

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Three Ways to Release More Productivity

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This article was published on 2010/04/01