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Time Management and Productivity are two peas in a pod. It's very hard not to spill over into the other when you deal with either issue. That is why Productivity is the next area we will be dealing with. The best way to separate the two areas of activity is this way: 

Time Management deals with setting up the blocks of time.

Productivity deals with what goes on inside those blocks of time.

As we move forward dealing with Productivity we will touch on issues that are covered in detail in the Power Time System. If you are a visitor to that site, you will already be familiar with what we have covered on that site. If not, visit, The Power Time System and spend some time looking at what we have to offer there.  We will be referencing aspects of the Power Time System and it will be beneficial to your understanding of this topic to be familiar with that System as well. 

Let's take a quick look at some of the areas we will be covering here.

Accomplishing More

Isn't this the key? It does not matter what it is, we want to get more accomplished, and we want to get more done in less time. Achieving both goals is difficult. We will be dealing with both aspects of wanting to accomplish more.

Maximizing Our Efforts

We want to get the maximum benefit to ourselves from the energy and effort we expend. If I work hard for 3 hours, I want to ensure that my results will reflect the time and effort that I invested. Invested is a word we will be using as we show ways to get the most from the time and energy you spend.

The Maximizing Factor

How do I maximize myself? How do I maximize those that work with me and for me? There are several ways to do this and we will show you how to use these techniques to get the most out of your effort and time. I will tell you one of the more powerful tools and it may surprise you. Two workers doing the same job, one consistently produces more, why? The worker who produces more is usually the worker who has a clearer understanding of what his task entails. He will, all in all likelihood, be more trained and more skilled as well.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

There is always a right way to do a task and there is always a less than right way to do it. You always want to be the person who looks at a task or job and says "I can do that better, or faster, or more efficiently". There are times when you need to just put your head down and get at it, no question about that. There are more times though when spending time on thinking about ways to improve and do it better will reap substantial returns compared to the wasted effort of not spending a little time in advance of doing the task.

Productivity and Management

These words go hand in hand. Managers have to manage if they want to get the Productivity they expect. Time and time again I look at companies and see the results they are getting and then have to listen to owners and managers complain about the output from their employees. The first area that I look at is the IMPACT that the managers and owners have in the production process. Far too often, staff is left to basically shift for themselves. We will show you the methods and tools that will impact your production process and increase your output substantially.

Organize Your Time To Organize Their Time

This statement has far reaching implications for you and your productivity. Whether you are looking at getting more done yourself, or you are managing any number of employees, organization is a key element in maximizing your efforts and getting the biggest bang for the smallest buck invested. Done right, organizing, especially prior to the activity, will virtually guarantee that you will reap the greatest rewards from the minimum effort and time expended. We will show you how to get those maximum returns.

Maximum Productivity Requires Perseverance and Commitment

Productivity is all about action. Action requires effort, could be mental, could be physical, and is usually both. You have to be committed to the task and then you have to hang in there to get the results you want. We are talking about getting maximum results, we are talking about getting that last 3 or 4% more out of an hours labor. The last 3 or 4 % could be the difference between a profit and a loss.

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Time Management and Productivity

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This article was published on 2010/03/29